Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sorry about the big freak outs lately in regards to both Walmart and Zuckerberg General (where I have a psych appointment on the 5th; basically, using to check my labs is a joke -- and that's after the mere five-panel draw on April 20th by Jill-of-all-trades Ms. Kayleigh Bender and her 911 dispatch-pretend, Catch-Me-If-You-Can  Rebel Alliance-self: I have no idea if the Atripla has been working lately, although Dr. Havlir says my viral load is undetectable... But this is the same City where I was intentionally shot up with a huge batch of syphilis out of frustration on the part of those who did it, just because I was celibate at the time and couldn't have been a vector in some odd little plots and schemes... Anyway, feet flat, palms on thighs, back erect, mindful breathing...)

Here are some beautiful pics from the yard...

Blue trumpet-shaped flowers, native to Indian Valley

The last of the golden poppies

Pink oleander

Once again, the Doris Day, hybrid of the Tippi Hedrun and the Julie Newmar