Monday, July 31, 2017

$20K: The Renovated "Way Family Housing Capital Campaign"

UPDATE: I am refocusing and repurposing this ask to the tune of $20,000 - now, after a bombshell conversation with my brother (who owns the property), about what's really feasible and desirable... Thank you all for your patience to date! Anyway, now we are definitely looking to defray the costs of removing the old mobile home, which is fast becoming unlivable, and to replace it with one or more structures... As long as the primary domicile is at least 740' sq., it can have a certificate of occupancy in our county (Colusa, about an hour North of  Clearlake, half an hour West of the I-5 through Maxwell, and five miles - at least our house is - from Stonyford, an entrance to Mendocino National Park.) We have two acres to work with, and are currently in the "shopping and browsing" phase of our re-do:

- (the neighbor up the road has an earlier version from the 80s, you know, the ones you'd find in the back of Popular Science.)

We might also instead to a custom stick home.... LOOK AT THIS COUNTRYSIDE:

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Old Snapshots (And Another Marriage Proposal to That F*CKING MARINE... Yuck, I Know)

Mom at Aquatic Park in '67 or '68.

Me in the ET shirt and Eric in the Osh Kosh at - that's right - East Park in '82 or '83.

Dad in '92 or '93 with Firecracker (who's now with Brusseau the Younger, and lives right up the road -- I should visit her before she dies of old age...)



A couple of good causes I'd like to link to this post: Americans for Cures, because the stem cell revolution is here, and as I write this, two acquaintances (at least) are fighting cancer. And UNHCR, whom I've mentioned before, but crises continue; for example, scads of children flee gang violence in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras every day as I write this.


He's turning 30 this year (I think), or 29, and moves pretty fast (because the Corps doesn't, as I understand it...) So maybe he's a full-blown Corporal already? Way to go, Sir Mikesalot -- you were never meant to be a terminal E3. (I still want to chew your face off, pretty boy. MARRY ME!)

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Gardening - 園芸

In addition to maintaining the lilac starter (I believe it's the white one), I've saved these two from death by dessication:

Carpet Flower


And here's the worm farm...

...And Eric's compost on the North side of the house:

PS Doesn't look like I'll be able to sign that affidavit at San Francisco Superior Court any time this or next month... But I would love to and know I need to!!! HELP!

Next Assignment: Find Out Whether the Old Hibernia Bank Also Has Residential Units

"Nefelibata" in the Portuguese, since I'm more or less stuck in the North Valley along this part of the 1-5... Until I get insurance as a licensed driver, that is, and have rebuilt my credit (and have money in the bank.)

There are over 20 million people living in slavery worldwide. And with global unrest the way it is -- Athens recalling 1960s Paris (but of course, still Greek in 2017), Caracas on fire, North Africa fled from by refugees willing to risk death in the Mediterranean -- the chattel industry IS EXTREMELY UNHELPFUL in its existence. People may not "own" people. Slavery is an abomination.

One newer group that's stood out: People who've been victims of trafficking and exploitation need help, and that's where Thrive Rescue comes in.


Recipe time: Rough Puff Pastry

1 to 1.1 cups strong plain flour (high gluten content)
1 tsp fine sea salt
1 cup butter, at room temperature, but not soft
about .63 cups cold water

Sift the flour and salt into a large bowl. Roughly break the butter in small chunks, add them to the bowl and rub them in loosely. You need to see bits of butter.

Make a well in the bowl and pour in about two-thirds of the cold water, mixing until you have a firm rough dough adding extra water if needed. Cover with cling film and leave to rest for 20 mins in the fridge.

Turn out onto a lightly floured board, knead gently and form into a smooth rectangle. Roll the dough in one direction only, until 3 times the width, about 20 x 50cm. Keep edges straight and even. Don’t overwork the butter streaks; you should have a marbled effect.

Fold the top third down to the center, then the bottom third up and over that. Give the dough a quarter turn (to the left or right) and roll out again to three times the length. Fold as before, cover with cling film and chill for at least 20 mins before rolling to use.

[ed. This stuff is good for handpies and tarts, esp.]

- Courtesy of Gordon Ramsay and Little England Herself


Personal ad (I am still on Zoosk, of course.)

Loyal-for-a-lifetime in the lifelong civilian idiom still ISO that squee E3 reservist from Napa whom I met several times on O'Farrell in San Francisco - name of Mikey. Semper fidelis, meet me, semper laetus.


My instagram account is all about living critters - mostly those on four, six, eight or more legs. Sometimes on two, though - but that's usually just me.


Randomesia, dearest cashieress to Jeremiah Johnson and the gods of country people who want it both ways, be so kind as to count my nickels before I fill a sock with them and go upside somebody's head -- I NEED TOBACCO, WOMAN!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Sellout II

The previous kitchen towels are from this year; these are from 2015, I believe, when my father was still alive, and we had to hide them lest he bleed all over them...


Meyer Lemon

Screen-printed in the USA by Rigel Stuhmiller, a Berkeley friend of kitchen witches.


I know these things seem routine, but they are not. Today is a great day during which inshallah three souls (who - yes! - are old hands at this kind of mission) will approach the International Space Station in a Soyuz capsule around 1500 [ed. corrected from "1600," brain fart] Beale/Vandenberg. Pray to your god(s) to hold them safe, keep your fingers crossed, whatever. The future of the species is intimately tied to what the men and women of NASA and the space program are doing...

I'm very into various space programs and corporations, and have devoted virtually all of my twitter feed to it: - be sure to check me out!


So my thoughts on colonizing Mars: really, using Phobos and Deimos as raw materials for orbiting habitats (in situ resource usage/utilization; @ Planetary Resources) makes much more sense, and that's where the greatest population of people would be... Sure enough, the Mars regolith is far too toxic to use as a growth medium or to sustain life -- terraforming with carefully aimed fragments Kuiper Belt objects or icy asteroid belt bodies is an idea, but really... Still, the heavy metals in the regolith are still useful, and people will need to be on the surface to extract and refine them, and to use them for sciency, interstellary stuff....



Here I am, pimping for hot swag Ilze gave my Mom a couple weeks ago during our trip to the City; Mom brings good Korean snack seaweed for her. (I had Ruffino and lytchee nuts and guavas for whomever I ran into on the way to or back from my appointments...)

This time, we have the beautiful, 100% cotton kitchen towels made by Kei & Molly Textiles, LLC, who clearly took a correct turn at Albuquerque. (I'm assuming Ilze didn't buy them online, but rather acquired them shopping at some inner Richmond storefront...) Lovely, lovely. Look at these patterns:

PS Who ARE you, Jon Gierlich? Walter Shitty? Prince Charming? Somebody who hates the real Jon's guts?

PPS Whatever opinion Joan Crawford might have relayed to Ingrid Sischy (could she have) about the trend of lifehacking is what I think of some people's bullshit around here.... Reality bites, Gomez and Morticia....

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Jerry Bolick From the Buddhist Church of San Francisco Sangha

...Now, apparently, in Spain!

Naturalness: not wanting
anything you have to wish for

and allowing the wish the room
to be as it is.

Detail, "Lily Pond Bridge II," Gai Perry
The design takes inspiration from the Japanese bridge, wisteria, flowers, and water garden at Claude Mone's Giverny home. Gai's artistic license includes the many more flowers beside the pond than are in reality there...

Be Yourself

Someone falls to pieces sleeping all alone...

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Georgia Satellites

"Keep Your Hands To Yourself"

♩♪♫♬I got a little change in my pocket going ching-a-ling-a-ling
Wanna call you on the telephone, baby, give you a ring
But each time we talk, I get the same old thing
Always, "No huggee, no kissee until I get a wedding ring"
My honey, my baby, don't put my love upon no shelf
She said, "Don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself"♩♪♫♬

♩♪♫♬Ooh, baby, baby, baby, why you gonna treat me this way?
You know I'm still your loverboy, I still feel the same way
That's when she told me a story 'bout free milk and a cow
And said, "No huggee, no kissee until I get a wedding vow"
My honey, my baby, don't put my love upon no shelf
She said, "Don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself"♩♪♫♬

♩♪♫♬You see, I wanted her real bad and I was about to give in
That's when she started talking about true love, started talking about sin
I said, "Honey, I'll live with you for the rest of my life"
She said, "No huggee, no kissee until you make me a wife"
My honey, my baby, don't put my love upon no shelf
She said, "Don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself"♩♪♫♬

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Argh! Why am I up at all hours of the night? I have too much cleaning to do, house AND el carro...

"THEY'RE COMING TO GET YOU, BARBARA..." "BRAAAAINS!": So tomorrow is psychiatry with Dr. Dan -- rejiggering the regimen, as it were: antipsychotics, antidepressants... And I will talk about my continued methylamphetamine ingestion (Desoxyn? Why yes, I have ultimatums prepared for when at first I hastily and with hostility infer any hesitance to write a scrip) and pot use, as well as what we need to do to get me on Chantix so that the tobacco is a-goner. Two weeks ago, those fuckers fucking with the AT&T network and my phone, pretending to be calling from Havlir's, cost us a lot of money and continue to keep the stress at home too high, but the upside is that UCSF PHP fit me in for virtually all but a blood draw, and neurology came up as a big issue (true to her heroic, "I'm frequently in Africa" nature, my primary care physician did a rough, head-to-toe, field neurolgical assessment -- never mind about faking out that right ear -- DIANE!!! LOL -- So I'm sure Dr. Dan and I will discuss that as well... Who knows? Maybe I will yet end up at UCSF Mt. Zion (and then on to Stanford, no doubt -- GO BEARS! BERKELEY RULES!) Doc H. talks big about a CAT scan (there will always be that part of her that wishes to put my camel to bed without its dinner), but who likes magnetic resonance imaging better than a patient who's previously been snookered as to the results of one done three years prior?

And no, I wouldn't mind at all if @MissMayim consulted on my case -- I am nothing if not a devotee of the sciences... I'd just have a real, really difficult-for-once issue if I ever saw Thierry Mugler or Patch Adams (or Robin Williams in a Walgreen's red nose, for that matter) show up at my bedside -- the latter scenarios horrify for the obvious reasons...

Sites Reservoir Project

Well, I haven't really talked to any of my old school chums about it (many of whom, of course, are probably finding their lives HUGELY about the project -- and some of those may even welcome the distraction from their quotidian, mundane dramas, LOL!), but as it is, through January 2018, according to one schedule, engineering feasibility will continue to be the main thrust of any conversations about the Sites Reservoir and the niceties and conceivable horrors of the undertaking, engineering-wise....

Well, I too am del Norte (mainly), and though much of my online time is spent all around the world, I'm living (for now) solidly 4.5 miles from the Glenn/Colusa County line (and may end up back in San Francisco in a few months....) Not only are there going to be perennial environmental roadblocks (as there should be -- naysayers along the lines of John Muir, as such), but Sites is an historical area -- there was enough of a hassle, Laughing Lady Thalia, when the briefly re-opened quarry (origin IIRC of the stone from which San Francisco's Ferry Building was cobbled together) had to shut down as a consequence of destroying significantly historical stone building that had once been a stop on the Pony Express, just outside of Sites... But this paragraph was meant mainly as a selfish, off-the-cuff, 3AM digression...

Anyway, here is a list of Web sites one needs to familiarize oneself with before going all Monorail Salesman at the Springfield we call Maxwell, California, during a meeting at the old Well's Fargo near Caldwell's gas station and mini-mart (Highway 99, and railroad tracks -- can't miss it! Only a minute off I-5):

(To assist those who are gimlet eyed vis-a-vis the press: KCRA is now a Hearst affair, and no longer Kelly broadcasting, but maintains that old Sacramento conservatism; The Bee remains in the McClatchy stable, and browses in familiar pastures ever so conventionally...)
(Nuts-and-bolts, and no hurtful brass tacks: It is clear just driving from Maxwell to Lodoga, through Sites, that several dams would be required to establish any proposed reservoir... I had some pics on my Amazon cloud but can not at the moment retrieve them -- what matters such in this day of Google Street View?)

ALTERNATE SEARCH TERM: North of the Delta Off Stream Storage

IN THE INTERESTS OF ETHICAL BLOGGING: I personally am in favor of the project, and know that this reservoir is necessary to the continued stability and viability, ultimately, of the world economy itself, to put it flatly -- I can support my thesis well enough in a rumble and/or bar fight. I do qualify my support of going ahead past the feasibility stage with an express desire to see some road -- the highway bridge through the Florida Keys comes to mind -- maintained from that I-5 exit to the Grade...

IN CASE YOU THINK I'M FLIGHTILY PERPETRATING IN AVOIDING IMPORTANT-TO-YOU STUFF: I shall make time to find out about this affidavit I must sign at the SF superior court -- my fellow San Franciscan's sworn testimony is most definitely mine, as well, I'm sure, but the law works the way it does, and I AM poverty-stricken, at that (HELLO, RIGHT? All those long faces at St. Anthony's dining hall earlier this Spring... GRR!) And of course, the awful diamond pendant I sold to Maxferd's (a harrowing story or several, I'm sure)... I will be following up!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Whither Then, Twitterer? To Tweet - TOOT SWEET!

 Yes, twittermongers, it is I, the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen!

Summer's No Bummer, You Lana Del Rey Creeps!

[PREFACE: Subtle reminder that East Park is currently in the bailiwick of local government.] The station at Stonyford: for more than just maps, firewood permits, ogling at -- SEXY!!! AHHH!!! --good-looking dudes in the Summer, and helping you get to Lett's Lake: (530) 963-3128 (I have no idea why the Indian Valley entrance to Mendocino and Upper Lake are with the USDA... Perhaps helpful forestry personnel can answer that, as well...) I myself am curious about the state of that certain, tiny native orchid one can find in the deep shadows of Snow Mountain -- doubtless its ups and downs have some correlation to climate change on Earth...

And anyone else remember the quake from last year, here in 95979? Just a jolt to me, originally from Richmond and a decades-long resident of San Francisco as I myself am, but many up here have never lived in the Bay Area -- must have been a new experience; if you're curious, check out the USGS Web site.



Friday, July 21, 2017


It's been a weird conspiracy so far, kids.... Still in dire straits and pessimistic as to my chances of long-term survival. But at least there is an enormous and hideously expensive joke of which I'm the butt? I think?

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Still At Willows Walmart #02053


The price might be right, but it could be contaminated/adulterated....


I've memorized almost half, and am continuing to learn... Next month: to earn my adult and pediatric first aid and CPR certification...



Greco-Roman curse effigy, pierced by thirteen needles
Egypt, second century BCE

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wouldn't It Be Great If One Could Just Shut Me Down With Accusations of Meth-induced Paranoia?

Weird stuff still going on: AT&T cell calling 911 answered by who? Federal law enforcement?


Mom's been fucking with the freezers, ruined all of her ice cream last week; cubed chuck gone and replaced by OLD top sirloin from a store we've never been to (but I turned it into a nice meal anyway...); somebody still eating up my cell minutes; I think my brother and others are spying on the car via Onstar; somebody still stealing mail; Walmart has yet to compensate me adequately for bad meat...


I don't know who's giving lil ol' me grief: NSA? CIA? FBI?


Weirdness still going on at SF Zuckerberg General's Ward 86 (HIV) clinic; I go back on the 23rd for psychiatry. Must rejigger my medication regimen...



Friday, July 14, 2017

Millennium Tower

I have a campaign to sincerely, earnestly, non-sarcastically (with a minimum of malice) and a maximum of misunderstandable Swiftian sneering to propose: I know I've touched rather unhelpfully on the leaning tower of "Sheesh, San Francisco, You Wouldn't, Would You?" That is to say, be so telling in the face of human problems like the way that seems...

Yes, my vote was not to demolish it, and leave it as a, well, there you go -- egg on all our faces as well as posterity's task. Today, I have one dollar to mail to a fund towards any collective effort among the owners of the discrete units in their efforts to right the building and maintain its habitability according to local building codes (almost anywhere in America, or even -- were Caracas subject to the laws governing legal habitability in 2017, where anyone can legally live in, say, El Torre de David, but I digress shabbily...)

I'm not sure, but the next step would be to evilly quip that I shall now send my dollar to this or that "Ha ha!" place as if a person or a person's home could be such a kind of "joke." Instead, I have this dollar for the people who have bought homes in the Millennium Tower, and that dollar will be sent forthwith to those who have overcome the other obstacles to helping those people out.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I'm sending $1 to 301 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105 towards any fundraising efforts to make these peoples' homes habitable. Yes, I'm shitty that way, but I'll never be on the proper side of THAT bit of it.

UPDATE:  Sent $2 to Owners/Residential at that address... Couldn't hurt, might help...


Saturday, July 8, 2017

Just Raw From Facebook

In 2014 (summer?) I sold a diamond to Medford's [ed. note: THAT RAW: Maxferd's, I meant] in SF and only now has it hit me: the pendant (mid-century to 70s on the setting, which is 18K, as is the chain...) -- it just hit me: that is a very VERY sentimental piece. And its provenance is unknowable to anyone but whoever is THE MAN (OR WOMAN) at Medford's... And this a star-crossed world, deserving of ill-starred treatment.... There is a heart out there that still beats... A Hollywood ending for this evil piece of jewelry? Sad fucking probabilities, the more I post mid-digestion...

The man who had it commissioned -- I would love to make his acquaintance myself, were I not mere trash to the woman he wooed with it... I hope he's still alive, because -- well, fuck that bitch he went to that length to have it made for, her ass is not my bother -- off the cuff, I hope he's still alive, because I want him to know that the world wide web has William Way screaming at the top of his lungs: "BROS BEFORE HOS, MY BEAUTIFUL FRIEND -- I LOVE YOU!"