Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Reprinted From Facebook

Yeah, so no indictment. [It doesn't matter] whether you call them protests or riots, or what names you call the participants. At some point, words are shown to be the lies they can be, and are of no importance. I approve of the fact that there has been a populist response to the situation. That means people are still pissed off about the injustices ingrained in our culture -- good. Fine. I support any and all instances of civil disobedience in the wake of the jury's decision.

I have never in my history on facebook unfriended anyone. But I will unfriend the first moment I read a post in which the people's response is characterized as riots, if I see any talk of "savages" or "animals," or if I see that fucking ugly as sin meme in which a cop says "This is why we shoot you guys." I'm all for raw humor myself, and have been known to go places that will make South Park fans blush, but that shit -- especially that final meme I just mentioned -- is not cute or funny at fucking all.


(PS:  Much love to the veterans who wrote to protest to their brothers and sisters in the National Guard that the latter please stand down.  Thank you for using your voices in such a way, and bringing your thoughts and feelings to the table -- and as always, for your service to our country.)

Monday, November 3, 2014


"Hart":  lavender, horse dung, cedar, camphor, tiaré, ambergris

"Chéri":  vetiver, musk, sweet alyssum, hinoki, clover

"Hippolyta":  mowed grass, bubblegum, ginger, ylang ylang, vanilla

"Califia":  orange zest, pine resin, peat moss, ferns, carnation

"Hugs":  pure, redwood mulch, wild broom, freesia, sandalwood

"Déjà Vu":  hickory, wheatgrass, cardamom, 'new clothes smell,' verbena