Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ooh, Ooh, Imagine These From.... on YOUR DENTIST'S WALL or sprung upon an upwardly mobile primary care physician who's new digs are NOTHING YET TO THE WILD HAIR UP -- YOU BET -- THIS DREAM STAGER'S ASS:

I mean it. There's so much wrong with these (no, these aren't even the pre-tweaked jpegs an android tablet laughs at you with because you WILL NEVER KNOW HAXXXOR, l4m3! But all I have to do is have too little that's wrong going on, slip out the kitchen door on a whim, and use the fucking $60 dollar lie of a digital camera (Amazon Kindle -- FIRE! KAJI! FUEGO! OH NO! TOO HOT!

Anyway, I guess this is my passive aggressive post that tells the "WORLD" (sarcastic eyeroll or such) I'm 40 years old and whining about the fact that my brass in pocket amounts to $1,200 per month -- AND THAT'S JUST MY TOO MUCH BUTTERCREAM FROSTING GUBMINT CHECK. Brain-dead gay witch, they'll call me when my real physical beauty is stripped criminally by someone who might still one day work up the nerve to act scary cute! EVIL INDIAN! WHY WERE YOU HIDING IN YOUR APARTMENT FROM ME WHEN I DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY TO BREAK EVERY ONE OF THE BONES IN YOUR DELIGHTFUL, HATEFUL, MAGICAL NATIVE AMERICAN BODY! Giggles to Haros (not...)

Okay, I better have more than back issues. Let's just say, I'm perfectly superfluous in such splendid, lifelike ways!

Lo, though I malinger unsubtle and crass in the uncanny valley in humdrum reality, I am that bad for you....

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ramadan Mubarak....

So much fuego, joto!


Not so happy that the "Home Office" (Bentonville's Doug, or his cover) hired a Swatter/PWNer/Revenge Prankster to work me over in the front trash-in-big-trouble office, just because I bought, cooked, and put in my mouth contaminated hamburger processed by Interstate Meat Dist. (Clackamas, OR); yes, the incident happened in March, but I still have the hamburger, and I refuse to "let go and move on..." Besides, as of last week, that concern's hamburger was still for sale at the Willows, California store (#02053) as recently as last week.

Taking the tack they have makes Walmart look as stupid as ever -- why don't they just settle up with me or slip me some good hush money? Now, they're in trouble (even more than ever) with AT&T, the FBI, and possibly, the FCC (of course, there's still the net inconvenience for little 'ol me: AT&T can't check my credit so that I can secure a proper adult contract, I can't look up my own phone activity on myatt, et cetera)....


When I was a wee oogle working for the phone company, SF General Hospital was already known to me as somewhere no one wanted to end up, or need for one's continued survival.  I've been a Ward 86 (yikes, Mary, did they have to use that number?) patient since 2008, and it's been a lifesaver, yet more alarming than any staff wants or any patient needs -- as the Zuck brands that much-feared and wondered-at Potrero facility, as so much good news abounds, I can't really lose sight of the fact that my fellow patients (unlike, in the eyes of some, me) must be treated with dignity and earnestness. Ward 86's patients include elderly Chinese straight married women, undocumented Puerto Rican trannies, Protestant clergy who might need more than penicillin this time, and jailbird sex bombs not given their art fag due; It's so squee Galliano would pay a "journalist" to quote him sneering at the place. I hate that I have no reason, only a hinkey sense, when I'm sure powers that be, upon whom I rely to live, are doing little other than dicking around on the Neighborhood Trolley inbound for the Land of Make Believe (Meow, meow, meow?)

Still, maybe I can survive my inexcusable reliance on San Francisco City services (what pharma money? What academic clout? What international reputation? What touchy federal funding? What matter-of-fact assumptions that Northern California can be awfully backwards sometimes when it comes to health care?) Just think good thoughts about me reader. Or slander me in your twisted, oversexed, paranoid mind. Whatever. Love you too!

Bright spot in researching for a cure:


And with that, Mom and her dog are off to bed, and I'm probably going to camp in the bed of the F150, until I don't...  Hope everyone's in a good place, knows how to be and can be, or is close enough for him or herse!lf to one....

Monday, May 29, 2017

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Almost a Mea Culpa, and Kicky Photos of 95979 Weeds

So of course I've made a total fool out of myself, rushing to disclose what among my circle of friends was probably common knowledge anyway, just because the SF Department of Public Health's "remote medical record checking for the Muppet Babies and us" is rather janky.... Just too much dark stuff has happened in too recent a time....

Basically, I had only to read the FAQ (coded in Comic Sans, natch) to know that HIV status and numbers, and other love bug info from one's blood work -- that stuff is not available except through face-to-face with one's provider (a real departure from the old, much-missed MyHero portal.)

I'm sure Val thinks that's hilarious.... But what's the point of providing Ward 86 patients with accounts (mine was first introduced to me last year, and no special mention that HIV or other STD info would not be available through the portal)? (Also, how long will General's Building 80 host the AIDSY, the undocumented, and those whining their best Chloe Webb-at-the-end-of-SID AND NANCY impressions downstairs, as well as Urgent Care on the first floor? Not much longer, I'm sure -- not with Zuckerberg's name on everything.)

Of course, the readers I really care about are the ones who can probably rest easy knowing my viral load remains undetectable, and my CD4 count is fantastic (and since we divulged -- don't you love my blood work? Pretty healthy, n'est pas?)


With that big lede out of the way, I now bring you lovely pics of this weekend's weeds and volunteers:


Still a catch (ever swing it my way, Boom? Or maybe Trueluck's still out there, sexy and stuff... I tell you, guys love my Claude Rains impression -- it totally gets them hard! Hard in the penis region!


And keep an eye out for me on Patreon -- I told them my focus is on photography, but there's lots of creative stuff I do, and I'd love to synergize... Maybe with a "store"? (Thanks for the inspiration in re fractureme, "Bernie"... Hearts!)


Saturday, May 27, 2017


I know that Dr. Havlir said my December numbers looked as good as ever, and that the (EXPENSIVE, GURL!) Atripla appears to be working (she has a few times suggested switching up meds, but that it was unnecessary, and that if I was partial to the Sustiva in the Atripla -- particularly the vivid dreams, which I like -- she saw no reason to change...) Nevertheless, this shit DOES look awfully weird:

Maybe I just have a hard time navigating the MySFHealth portal? I don't know, but I can't seem to find any record of my HIV numbers.... VERY ODD.

(BTW, June 5th will be HIV Long-term Survivors Day, I've heard tell... Good luck, all!)

UPDATE: If you didn't know, now you know:


Friday, May 26, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Busy day at East Park Reservoir -- all of the spots may be taken! (The cutie-pie Deputy was riding my ass hella hard all the way home from town as I drove my brother's Chevy Bolt -- what an otherwise smooth ride!)

Unfortunately, I may not get to really blowing up my Instagram account, but my big plan is to focus on fauna (mostly animalcules) in the 95979 ZIP....

Yellow Gazannias

Purple Clematis


2017 Goals

It's a slightly overcast, cool morning, and Eric's come up from Ventura; he's asleep on the couch. Coffee's made, breakfast eaten. The elk just passed through in the North. Clara Nell in town has a job for me today, working in her yard... Today I'm thinking about my goals for June, and they include the following:
  • Earn my CPR and First Aid cards through the Red Cross.
  • Clean up my LinkedIn page and start networking more through it.
  • Meet with Helen after my June 5th psychiatry appointment at Zuckerberg General to discuss my housing options, and moving back to San Francisco.
  • Take my driving test with the DMV, and finish earn my driver's license.
  • Make out with an age-appropriate Marine veteran.
(I had to throw something fun in there. It's summer after all!) I still intend on working on the house renovations in Stonyford, and helping Mom with that, but Mom's pretty independent, and while we live together pretty well, she doesn't really need me here, and my needs will be better met living mostly in the City...


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sorry about the big freak outs lately in regards to both Walmart and Zuckerberg General (where I have a psych appointment on the 5th; basically, using to check my labs is a joke -- and that's after the mere five-panel draw on April 20th by Jill-of-all-trades Ms. Kayleigh Bender and her 911 dispatch-pretend, Catch-Me-If-You-Can  Rebel Alliance-self: I have no idea if the Atripla has been working lately, although Dr. Havlir says my viral load is undetectable... But this is the same City where I was intentionally shot up with a huge batch of syphilis out of frustration on the part of those who did it, just because I was celibate at the time and couldn't have been a vector in some odd little plots and schemes... Anyway, feet flat, palms on thighs, back erect, mindful breathing...)

Here are some beautiful pics from the yard...

Blue trumpet-shaped flowers, native to Indian Valley

The last of the golden poppies

Pink oleander

Once again, the Doris Day, hybrid of the Tippi Hedrun and the Julie Newmar


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Possession With Intent....

Frame job of yours truly increasingly unlikely.... Weirdos. (Check it, Smeck!) But I must say, Virginia had a sour attitude last week. Maybe the Way family could give it up for an intervention on television, with KCRA (certainly Tim Crews would smell a rat a mile away.) As long as anyone who speaks out can be discredited, right? Unfortunately, Bentonville sent poor "Marc," who rather looks like a condom full of gristle and green bacon drippings, to hack his way through an ill-advised takedown (haven't seen him lately, but his name is still on receipts -- at least ours from today.)

Meanwhile, as of today, around 12PM, Interstate meat from Clackamas (the 73% lean) is still there:

pic from 05/24/2017, mid-day

BE ADVISED: I trusted this meat for months, and could not believe that there was some sort of filler in the March batch. Walmart continues to treat me "suspect" as a customer, and Bentonville has apparently been dissuaded initially from outright paying me off, as well as addressing the very real problems with the Clackamas, OR operation. I RECOMMEND AGAINST BUYING THIS IF YOU SEE IT IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA STORES.

My family spends hundreds of dollars at the #02053 store (Willows, CA, off the I-5) every week, and I will continue shopping there until I am banned.... (In good Walmart news: got everything we needed today for brother's visit this weekend.)


Arnold Loved Hearts

And one day, Arnold took off for where I'd been, knowing I'd have left hearts. On his way to collect those hearts, Arnold got killed, they told me. It was very sad. I was very sad. Everybody was very sad. The details as relayed to me were fuzzy -- just something that happened. Arnold was a baby. I still miss you, Arnold.


I might be seeing a lawyer about an affidavit regarding my years as a TNDC tenant on the 5th -- for sure I'm seeing the psychiatrist about my diagnoses, as well as about that 2014 MRI, which medical records assure us was "unremarkable." We'll need to talk definitely about Chantix, as nothing else has helped me quit cigarettes!


With this kind of weather in May, it'll be a wonder if we here in Colusa and Glenn counties don't see thunderstorms in July or August, maybe -- murie sing cuccu.


So European! American Spirit Black are over $10 per pack at the Stonyford General Store -- but the two-for-a-dollar Swishers are still as marked! (I tend to favor the blueberry when it comes to the latter.)


Cleaned that Perry Ellis linen suit of Eric's. Funny enough, with a little pressing, it fits me just fine. I'll look positively fabulous with it and an ice-cold bottle of Ruffino, whether at the lake or at the top of the 19th Street stairs! If only I can find those damn Nico Nerinis; they're probably hidden somewhere in a friend's garage.


The very word "Dunkirk" fills me with a vast sorrow and an aching keen; that's the title of a movie about the WWI battle coming out this summer.


Apparently, Mr. McMillon in Bentonville gave the go-ahead for me to be corrected by Walmart staff as though I'm a Dorothy Allison creation whenever I'm in the Willows store (#02053). My mother dutifully misplaced her receipt, so I'm not sure if "Marc" with a "C" (who uses his smartphone as a weapon against the possible legion of Nova Lee Nations out there) was on the receipt last week. (In addition, I despair of ever finding that damn football-themed gift card sent me by Ryan in Clackamas, OR.) Who knows what non-fun will take place on the AM of May 24th? Really, I just wanted to be fairly compensated or paid off for what's square.


Monday, May 22, 2017

May Flowers


little white thornless roses of the variety you'd find in front of the grocery store... 

God only knows... 


More beauties nestled in those flowers that bloom where the septic line is, and some yarrow...


Sunday, May 14, 2017



Pink grocery store miniature rose, thornless

Doris Day


Saturday, May 13, 2017


I live in an area populated by people who need painkillers or who (seldom, I'm sure) use heroin. These are, according to Redding first responders on the news, approximately $80 per dose IIRC. I myself am listed as having had Narcan training with the City and County of San Francisco, and can procure a box of them at least once a year...

They are Carpuject cartridges, injectible (similar to the EpiPen.) If an opiate user has darkened in color, and has become non-responsive, one of these can be used to save his or her life. (Bear in mind, of course, that the person to whom it is administered comes out of it in withdrawal -- not terribly pleasant!) Anyway, I'm offering these for free to anybody who contacts me for one (mum's the word -- your business is your own.) I'll try to always carry at least one on me when I'm out and about... Feel free to approach me and talk to me about them...

Monday, May 8, 2017

Foliage and Flowers

Rodeo's done for this year, and wildflowers are virtually gone for the year, but I've got a backlog of shots...

 Raywood Ash

(Globular... native to Indian Valley)

Tiny violet


(Just heard about this program from an acquaintance... Intend to look into it.)