Monday, January 19, 2015


The Examiner is probably the most trustworthy journalism published in San Francisco now that the Guardian is defunct, but this story (admittedly old) chilled me to the bone.  I remember following the tragic case of Paolo Netto in 2013 and 2014, and discussing it at length with anyone in earshot.  Certain frienemies were not at all pleased to hear me crying about this boy's death -- for some reasons I will talk to anyone about in private, beyond this blog.

I'm assuming the ME at SF General produced the toxicology report that might fool a rural D.A.R.E class from the early 90s.  Why even the Examiner, bless their hearts, employs the journalistically prudent word "possibly."  Let me tell you something:  most bodies that go into the bay do not come back, and I'd like to think that when they do, it's Mother Nature's way of saying there's unfinished business, as if she's holding us to our own standards of human justice and wants us to know she's watching -- so shape up, people, or else.  Superstition?  Perhaps.  It's still more intellectually sound than some of the shenanigans staff at General have gotten up to over the last five years I've been involved with them.  (Thank God that hospital, which sometimes seems like a live David Lynch-produced reality show, is crawling with Feds all the time -- not that they could find the right track with two hands in front of them, but there's hope.  Squirming at the bottom of the box Pandora opened, feeble Hope.)

I know it's a little late that I put my two cents in on this, but I couldn't just shut up like I've been told to do every so often in the past.  This is just me saying, I'm watching, too.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

In My 20s...

...I was all over flame wars in and Delphi forums.  I ran a blog called Freedom Camp, written under a nom de Web, that was pretty snarky and less-than-forgiving to what I saw as the stupidity in Bush Administration supporters and neoconservatives.  If there's anything I would do today, it would probably be to apologize to Bushies for being so sharp-tongued.  I have a better notion now of how to get things done, and while I still enjoy Sadly, No!, Eschaton, and other satirical or biting blogs, I've opted to be a better Buddhist and eschew grappling with anyone in such a way that I come across as attacking the individual...

Just how charitable are you supposed to be when criticizing the views of an opponent?