Monday, March 31, 2014

Browsing With Cops

It took me a while to get it, but I finally did.  I mean, that's a rare one indeed who didn't grow up playing in the dirt like the rest of us.  You've got to wonder, who could fit that profile?  Do they even shit like a normal person?  Did they ever fight with their parents when they were kids?  What were they like on the school yard?

A librarian once told me, when I was surprised he couldn't give me a fact off the cuff (I though librarians were smart) -- he told me, "I don't know everything, but I know how to find anything out.  That's what librarians are for."  So I go to the library, for their wi-fi and a place to work that isn't my shitty apartment and isn't a precinct full of assholes (God bless 'em.)  Sure, the library's populated with ragamuffin scumbags whose socks stink up the place, but I have respect for the institution.

One dude is checking me out, all hateful, so I sit across from him.  Make sure to open my jacket so he sees my badge and holster.  Yeah, you made me.  So?  I'll ask you for your ID if I give a fuck about your priors.  The feeling's mutual, you know?

I open my Dell laptop and stare for a minute at the screen.  I click on Chrome, and it opens up to Google.  Now here's my problem:  the Internet has my answer, if I can just come up with right question...

Now, I'm looking for a pretty godawful piece of work.  If we had to judge, here's our scale:  the worst person in the world is God himself (we've seen what shitheads angels can be, right?), and the best person in the world is my wife.  Our perp is on one of the lower rungs.  Probably has a deep-seated fear that he is not in fact God, and he wants to be...

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Old Man

Death is of greatest consequence to those who cause it.  For them, it is a fearsome spectre to evade.  It is their chosen activity, to kill, and their lives are overcast by hellish skies raining red-gray threat.  Every shadow harbors doom; every hollow they encounter is a possible final resting-place.  Killers may never take their days for granted.  They may never assume tomorrow is a matter of course.


To my executioner/hunter:  you and I are both lost.  I guess you thought I was important, but I was treated, on the balance, pretty fairly.  You seem to be somewhat bitter.  Can't you find a nice white lady to give you a hug?  I'll never fathom some of this shit.  Hang in there, and remember:  friends are for life...