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Monday, October 30, 2017

I Am Everyday People

I just want Mark Zuckerberg, the DPH, the donors/board, and administration (+1-415-206-8000) at Zuckerberg General to know that I am still upset on my own behalf that the MySFHealth Web site, coupled with treatment I've received at Ward 86 ("Tee-hee, last bar you can get kicked out of in San Francisco - later days and die of AIDS, you faggot/chink/nigger/loser/whoever har har, right? NUDGE NUDGE TOO HARD right?"), forced me (at least, in my own mind, due to whatever I'm supposed to interpret their special singling me out as) to come out publicly as HIV-positive just to hedge my bets, be on the safe side, and vouchsafe my own continued survival as a poor person on the fringe of society WHO FUCKING KNOWS BETTER. YEAH, THAT KIND OF "KNOWS BETTER."

Of course, I do just sit here and languish. God knows I don't deserve the life I enjoy, but somehow... Oh, yeah, huh?


Got this link from a spam e-mail designed to take advantage of me, and people like us should keep up with this stuff, because this program is actually A FEDERAL PROGRAM THAT WORKS:

Also, are you on or around the national poverty level? A rural resident? You might also qualify for a once-a-month (or more) Commodity program from the USDA in YOUR area. Check with your local library, welfare/social worker, law enforcement, or maybe your Christian neighbors know something (they're often in on some good stuff for us.)


Perhaps I risk punishment for my lack of faith in the obvious, and am too gowed by what the obvious appears to be, but this whole shenanigan with Golden1 credit union has worked my last nerve. The most recent development: once again, I get the Sunny/Ruth Ann/insert-name-of-right-to-be-bitter-kicked-around-niglet-from-American-literature-here treatment, lied to baldfacedly (even after New York's Conde Nast had cashed one of my checks), and my checking account closed. Now, Golden1, or some party who shouldn't know I bank with Golden1, does know, and is going after me like a pack of hyenas on flakka; they have the temerity and gall to try to sell me "accident" insurance, like I'm some delerium tremens-prone Chico State Greek reject.

I'm long over being treated like shit, Golden1. Over it.


Original Will Way photo from October 2016, made on an Amazon Kindle Fire...

Tomorrow is All Hallow's Eve, Hallowe'en, Samhain, Sam Hill It's Annoying Out Tonight, or whatever you celebrate... "Trick or treat, smell my feet, gimme something good to eat..."

Here's some worrywort advice-queen clucking from yours truly: Evil teens and dread adults need safety, too - plan ahead! Buddy up, esp. when using liquor or - BIG "OR" - recreational substances; stay close to and in contact with - meaning check-ins, according to a schedule if that's the agreement - a designated sober person who's willing and knows what's up; avoid toys and props that could be mistaken for weapons; keep your phone on; don't accept doses from newly met folks, nor should you leave your beverage unattended around such; don't leave anyone in the lurch; be sure to wear what's functional, and does not obscure vision or hearing, or impede one's range of motion. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

(Also, I'm planning ahead, and look forward to reminding bitches: Sleep is not the enemy; hydrate or die; and cum is not a food group.)


Lastly, if you're feeling sad and lonely, you're Burt Bacharach; if you're a frequent reader, maybe you're ready to make that leap and, well, help a brother out:
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If you feering g3n3ru$$, you gimme money - rinks to the light, GI...

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Photography in Willows, Orland and Stonyford (California)

Cool tag on Willows sidewalk...

Sunrise in a field...




Corrugated wall...


Yours truly <3!

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Friday, October 27, 2017

T O D A Y の 写真

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

95988 ZIP (Willows, California - Just Off the I-5 Corridor in Glenn County)

Physical therapy, Black Bear Diner delish, lots of shopping, and... PHOTOGRAPHY!

Pretty painted stone, found in situ...


...Mixed with Starbucks hot cocoa and creamer, the Guy Fieri chocolate mint for Keurig can't be beat!

Mom's all settled at physical therapy (no, she's not blind, just kind of dickin'...)

...So I head afuera...


Pause for the cause.

I'm 40 and funny-looking, and in love with a dude whom I haven't seen in almost a month...

...Anyway, to the back alleys of Willows!

Historical buildings, cool shopping, and that radio tower!

REAL JOURNALISM! Tim and company really take it to the mat! A newspaper with heart and a purpose...

Dandelions make me think of drifters and weeds...

Can't go shopping on an empty stomach, and can't go wrong with Black Bear Diner - all over Northern California and Oregon!

Play Misty for me, Mom!

I've had this for breakfast, and it's pretty bomb.

The reuben is excellent, and habanero sauce goes great with onion rings, IMHO (I wanted the Waldorf, but I'd already eaten chicken salad the night before.)

I must say, despite my malingering grudge against their Clackamas-based Interstate subsidiary, the #02053 store is clean and orderly, and seldom out of what I want or need...

Check-out is often a breeze. (And our cashier was que linda!)

On the way home, we pass Thunder Hill Raceway. They have a restaurant, and a racetrack for your car. (No, they do not have Nicole Kidman in her DAYS OF THUNDER hair.)

Beautiful pastureland (a lot of Northern California looks like this, from Sonoma and Solano to Butte, really...)

...Finally, home to lovely Stonyford, California, home of the Stonyford Museum, Hester Ranch (organic! Beef!), and an entrance to Mendocino National Forest...


(Yesterday, we said good-bye to an old classmate, Chris Buchanan, who passed away due to cancer. RIP, Chris - I'll always remember you from my youth as a super stand-up guy. You will be missed.)