Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Navel-Gazing Whilst Gutshot

Why am I tormented for what my tormentors tell others I feel?  Because they deem me guilty of the crime of thought.  To be sure, the entire program was run for the sexual gratification of one man, hence its serruptitous application.  But it seems also to serve those who would really rather not have a razor lying around.  Someone might pick it up and use it to sever truth from fiction, reality from delusion.

The challenge is immense.  Surely simple death is total domination enough, and easily accomplished years prior to this and with a minimum of fuss, dallying, and dollars spent.  There is definitely a desire to exact maximal excrutiation and fear.

What is the total overall cost to fulfill the desire that another, even one as insignificant as I am, suffer as much as the tormentor can imagine is possible?  What does the line-item budget look like?  A years-long, multiphase program whose administrators disavow is of benefit to anyone, lest the subject enjoy even an iota of pride or enjoyment.

Actually, never mind.  So many questions answer themselves...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Code Names

Gray Ghost - Vanity Smurf - Sixpence None The Richer - Trash - KGB Radio - Social Butterfly - Angel - Enigma - Blonde Ambition - Shadow Boxer - Rebel Without A Clue - Troublemaker - Et Alia.

This is for the boys and girls with the too-bright eyes and slightly damp hair.