Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ooh, Ooh, Imagine These From.... on YOUR DENTIST'S WALL or sprung upon an upwardly mobile primary care physician who's new digs are NOTHING YET TO THE WILD HAIR UP -- YOU BET -- THIS DREAM STAGER'S ASS:

I mean it. There's so much wrong with these (no, these aren't even the pre-tweaked jpegs an android tablet laughs at you with because you WILL NEVER KNOW HAXXXOR, l4m3! But all I have to do is have too little that's wrong going on, slip out the kitchen door on a whim, and use the fucking $60 dollar lie of a digital camera (Amazon Kindle -- FIRE! KAJI! FUEGO! OH NO! TOO HOT!

Anyway, I guess this is my passive aggressive post that tells the "WORLD" (sarcastic eyeroll or such) I'm 40 years old and whining about the fact that my brass in pocket amounts to $1,200 per month -- AND THAT'S JUST MY TOO MUCH BUTTERCREAM FROSTING GUBMINT CHECK. Brain-dead gay witch, they'll call me when my real physical beauty is stripped criminally by someone who might still one day work up the nerve to act scary cute! EVIL INDIAN! WHY WERE YOU HIDING IN YOUR APARTMENT FROM ME WHEN I DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY TO BREAK EVERY ONE OF THE BONES IN YOUR DELIGHTFUL, HATEFUL, MAGICAL NATIVE AMERICAN BODY! Giggles to Haros (not...)

Okay, I better have more than back issues. Let's just say, I'm perfectly superfluous in such splendid, lifelike ways!

Lo, though I malinger unsubtle and crass in the uncanny valley in humdrum reality, I am that bad for you....