Sunday, July 23, 2017


Argh! Why am I up at all hours of the night? I have too much cleaning to do, house AND el carro...

"THEY'RE COMING TO GET YOU, BARBARA..." "BRAAAAINS!": So tomorrow is psychiatry with Dr. Dan -- rejiggering the regimen, as it were: antipsychotics, antidepressants... And I will talk about my continued methylamphetamine ingestion (Desoxyn? Why yes, I have ultimatums prepared for when at first I hastily and with hostility infer any hesitance to write a scrip) and pot use, as well as what we need to do to get me on Chantix so that the tobacco is a-goner. Two weeks ago, those fuckers fucking with the AT&T network and my phone, pretending to be calling from Havlir's, cost us a lot of money and continue to keep the stress at home too high, but the upside is that UCSF PHP fit me in for virtually all but a blood draw, and neurology came up as a big issue (true to her heroic, "I'm frequently in Africa" nature, my primary care physician did a rough, head-to-toe, field neurolgical assessment -- never mind about faking out that right ear -- DIANE!!! LOL -- So I'm sure Dr. Dan and I will discuss that as well... Who knows? Maybe I will yet end up at UCSF Mt. Zion (and then on to Stanford, no doubt -- GO BEARS! BERKELEY RULES!) Doc H. talks big about a CAT scan (there will always be that part of her that wishes to put my camel to bed without its dinner), but who likes magnetic resonance imaging better than a patient who's previously been snookered as to the results of one done three years prior?

And no, I wouldn't mind at all if @MissMayim consulted on my case -- I am nothing if not a devotee of the sciences... I'd just have a real, really difficult-for-once issue if I ever saw Thierry Mugler or Patch Adams (or Robin Williams in a Walgreen's red nose, for that matter) show up at my bedside -- the latter scenarios horrify for the obvious reasons...

Sites Reservoir Project

Well, I haven't really talked to any of my old school chums about it (many of whom, of course, are probably finding their lives HUGELY about the project -- and some of those may even welcome the distraction from their quotidian, mundane dramas, LOL!), but as it is, through January 2018, according to one schedule, engineering feasibility will continue to be the main thrust of any conversations about the Sites Reservoir and the niceties and conceivable horrors of the undertaking, engineering-wise....

Well, I too am del Norte (mainly), and though much of my online time is spent all around the world, I'm living (for now) solidly 4.5 miles from the Glenn/Colusa County line (and may end up back in San Francisco in a few months....) Not only are there going to be perennial environmental roadblocks (as there should be -- naysayers along the lines of John Muir, as such), but Sites is an historical area -- there was enough of a hassle, Laughing Lady Thalia, when the briefly re-opened quarry (origin IIRC of the stone from which San Francisco's Ferry Building was cobbled together) had to shut down as a consequence of destroying significantly historical stone building that had once been a stop on the Pony Express, just outside of Sites... But this paragraph was meant mainly as a selfish, off-the-cuff, 3AM digression...

Anyway, here is a list of Web sites one needs to familiarize oneself with before going all Monorail Salesman at the Springfield we call Maxwell, California, during a meeting at the old Well's Fargo near Caldwell's gas station and mini-mart (Highway 99, and railroad tracks -- can't miss it! Only a minute off I-5):

(To assist those who are gimlet eyed vis-a-vis the press: KCRA is now a Hearst affair, and no longer Kelly broadcasting, but maintains that old Sacramento conservatism; The Bee remains in the McClatchy stable, and browses in familiar pastures ever so conventionally...)
(Nuts-and-bolts, and no hurtful brass tacks: It is clear just driving from Maxwell to Lodoga, through Sites, that several dams would be required to establish any proposed reservoir... I had some pics on my Amazon cloud but can not at the moment retrieve them -- what matters such in this day of Google Street View?)

ALTERNATE SEARCH TERM: North of the Delta Off Stream Storage

IN THE INTERESTS OF ETHICAL BLOGGING: I personally am in favor of the project, and know that this reservoir is necessary to the continued stability and viability, ultimately, of the world economy itself, to put it flatly -- I can support my thesis well enough in a rumble and/or bar fight. I do qualify my support of going ahead past the feasibility stage with an express desire to see some road -- the highway bridge through the Florida Keys comes to mind -- maintained from that I-5 exit to the Grade...

IN CASE YOU THINK I'M FLIGHTILY PERPETRATING IN AVOIDING IMPORTANT-TO-YOU STUFF: I shall make time to find out about this affidavit I must sign at the SF superior court -- my fellow San Franciscan's sworn testimony is most definitely mine, as well, I'm sure, but the law works the way it does, and I AM poverty-stricken, at that (HELLO, RIGHT? All those long faces at St. Anthony's dining hall earlier this Spring... GRR!) And of course, the awful diamond pendant I sold to Maxferd's (a harrowing story or several, I'm sure)... I will be following up!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Whither Then, Twitterer? To Tweet - TOOT SWEET!

 Yes, twittermongers, it is I, the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen!

Summer's No Bummer, You Lana Del Rey Creeps!

[PREFACE: Subtle reminder that East Park is currently in the bailiwick of local government.] The station at Stonyford: for more than just maps, firewood permits, ogling at -- SEXY!!! AHHH!!! --good-looking dudes in the Summer, and helping you get to Lett's Lake: (530) 963-3128 (I have no idea why the Indian Valley entrance to Mendocino and Upper Lake are with the USDA... Perhaps helpful forestry personnel can answer that, as well...) I myself am curious about the state of that certain, tiny native orchid one can find in the deep shadows of Snow Mountain -- doubtless its ups and downs have some correlation to climate change on Earth...

And anyone else remember the quake from last year, here in 95979? Just a jolt to me, originally from Richmond and a decades-long resident of San Francisco as I myself am, but many up here have never lived in the Bay Area -- must have been a new experience; if you're curious, check out the USGS Web site.



Friday, July 21, 2017


It's been a weird conspiracy so far, kids.... Still in dire straits and pessimistic as to my chances of long-term survival. But at least there is an enormous and hideously expensive joke of which I'm the butt? I think?

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Still At Willows Walmart #02053


The price might be right, but it could be contaminated/adulterated....