Tuesday, September 26, 2017

On Security Measures (Some Backfire, Natch...)

And nothing on "Paranoia" spoken out loud as a "shut-down" word:

Karen Melton-Stewart, today's sort-of heroine...

(One moral of the story: it's not fun to be a tattle-tale, but it could save lives! You might be the only one with the correct thing to say in the room!)


Stonyford, California (formerly "Stony Ford," or "Smithville," IIRC in Wild West days - always and to this day unincorporated - when my family's property was among other things passed through by itinerants with their own portable foundry), ZIP 95979, was pasture land, as well as cowboys and Indian territory - well, Stonyford has always been interesting to describe to others in terms of its geographic location: it's essentially, in this day of Google Earth and Google Street View, a town of 139 souls (as far as the census goes) just on the Glenn County and Colusa County borders, in the Western mountains, about an hour North of Clear Lake.

Now, San Francisco is home to a lot of non-Northern California people, and the name of "Colusa," named after an already semi-mythical Chief Colus, is pretty much unheard of by a city that has a lot of historical ties to it; the OG who shoeshines his box with his windex downtown might know of East Park and have fished for bluegill and catfish there, but Scott Wiener's staff sneers the name "Stony-ferd" quizzically, even though the stone from which the Ferry Building was built was quarried right here in Sites, California, off the I-5, and then bustled down the Sacramento River as it runs through Colusa, California, to the delta and beyond on steamboat; VIP families had second homes in the city of Colusa, or would weekend at, say, the Olympic Hotel on Eddy to catch theatre shows back in the day...

(Speaking of the former Olympic, it is now converted to low-income apartments by TNDC. I lived in unit 212 for 4 1/2 years; in retrospect, it was a fine personal security measure to tell neighbors at social events that I was from "Mendocino County, up North"; nobody, among the pinay, Chinese, or old white gay dragons had heard of Colusa - okay, maybe Michael had - but also, it was a WEIRD FOUR AND A HALF YEARS, and truth be told, I was just using old counter-espionage trickery: it's more convenient to namedrop a County that has immediate, everywhere recognition, and I WAS living in a holding pen for elderly CIA assets: Chinese dissidents, pinay who'd lived in Riyadh, divinity majors... You see where I'm coming from THERE. No disrespect to Colusa County pride!)

Perennially, almost traditionally, seniors and the disabled are taken horrible advantage of by scammers and grifters, so here's a public service announcement:

Note to special needs: do you know OCD people? Sometimes they annoy us, doing necessary stuff, but too often, and the wrong way... But we can learn a little lesson from our obsessive-compulsive friends and family: remember, not only be careful of phishing Web sites (ask a friend what phishing with that spelling of "ph" is, if you can't look it up...); and don't tell vital information (banking stuff like balances or your banking institution's name) to strangers; be sure to change your passwords and pin numbers on occasion: passwords for e-mail, social media, and banking you might change every two to three months; pins for ATM and Debit cards: change those, too, sometimes -  work out a schedule with your social worker/counselor!

SHIP'S SECURITY: "And remember: when going to the ATM or bank to get cash, take along a buddy you can trust! (Ideally not a redshirt yeoman, who might die on the way there or back!)"


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Monday, September 25, 2017

Johnny Cash - Hurt (Official Video) HD

Full of broken parts I cannot repair...

I Have Been a Fraud, a Hypocrite, and a Coward...

...And I may yet be again...

...So one thing led to another, and suddenly Phyllis' eyeball was out of her socket, and John Adams took a knee to the groin from Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

"Be not intimidated; nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your liberties by any pretense of politeness, delicacy, or decency. These, as they are often used, are but three different names for hypocrisy, chicanery and cowardice." - John Adams


NEXT WEEK: My Shanghai trickery and Fukien shenanigans reveal a Swedish mystery, as well as a Danish delight!


Really cool list of resources on my latest Gofundme update, if anyone's in the 530 area code and shopping for kit homes. (Even if you don't donate to our family's cause, thanks for reading!)


My new band name: David Attenborough and the Tralfamadorians... (It was a toss up between that toss-off and, "Tyrone and the Meth," but nobody gets the Tyrone-to-Gravity's Rainbow reference.)


Finishing up (.pdf) my exhibit for the Stonyford Museum's rock collection, then going underneath the house today... Will report back after noon!


Gal Gadot! What trouble you must have got in with SAG for that initial $300K on the WW shoot! Wow, it must have taken all your Israeli diplomacy and mad politics-in-the-IDF-and-at-school skillz to pull that one over on them...

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Perks To Being Me: I'm Not Always Barbara Hershey Getting Raped By The Entity....

I don't share often, vis a vis voices and presences and apparitions and hallucinations and such, but I should tell you, I'm often finding myself kept company by the living and the dead; Joan Crawford and Lisa Kudrow (chemist!) have helped me with laundry and cleaning; there's a couple of Englishmen who adore my cooking, and taste with me; Alicia Moore AKA P!nk likes my singing voice and some boss-ass shit I've done; I was with Carrie Fisher perimortem; Betty Davis went through a treatment similar to what some "evil" voices have done to me - I saw her treatment from the early '50s in a full-color REM-cycle dream; I keep friends with many military; personal acquaintances like Keith and Janet pop in from time to time; me and Naomi have a hoot (speaking of Streatham), and despise Galliano's nonsense...

Here's a diary entry from yesterday:

theories abound, including one that i'm mentally ill. I am. Duh.


BTW, fancy new resources for those house-shopping in the 530 or adjacent area codes at my Gofundme site's latest update... Thanks!


Three from among the living to cleanse the mind's palate after the previous entry...


New stuff on my Gofundme... Good resources, too, for those in the 530 area code searching for kit homes... Take a gander, give if you like! Thanks!

Cathartic Magic?

The Taoist sorcery embodied by the Ecuadorian witch's dead-woman-walking-talking-sneering-and-shrinking wife has kind of got me in this idea of making the most of a situation: I want to get married, so maybe I should post a bunch of pictures of already deceased shit that ought not be saying overmuch to the living:


And it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood:


My Big Blue response to this shit (just used the MySFHealth portal last week, and it is STILL a bad joke... *AHEM*, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg):  http://bit.ly/2xqHLd5


Really cool new update on my Gofundme site (please give whatever you can - thanks!), and be sure in that vein to check out a few updates prior, the one with the wonderful list of kit home manufacturers in the NorCal area... (So four items in my Caen-like three-dot column? That's deathy enough for me!)

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sacred Lotus

Original painting from 2012 or '13 (BY YOURS TRULY); acrylic, gold leaf, and rhinestones on birch board - probably destroyed by Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation during my criminal displacement by Donald Falk, Nicole Grays, et alia after October 2014 - called "junk" or "trash" by Nicole, in point of fact....

....Not to mention, a lesser lotus on white paper (the characters reading, "Respect for those who came before; compassion for those who come after"):


"From the deepest, darkest mud grows the most beautiful lotus."