Sunday, April 23, 2017


From many angles, our garden in the foreground will blend beautifully into nature in the background, much like the Japanese style!


では,ちょっとお願いがあるんですが... ^-^

野花 / 野生の花 (ワイルドフラワー)


では,ちょっとお願いがあるんですが... ^-^

Save The Moronic, Legitimate, Market-Rate Residents of 26th and S. Van Ness!

I like how this petition's authors hope to gin up opposition to the opening of a homeless shelter by mentioning that it's to be in a "residential neighborhood" (virtually every neighborhood is -- except maybe most of the financial district) with "3 schools nearby," as though homelessness and children are mutually exclusive phenomena (and don't we love the dark implications inherent in the mention of homeless people and hoodlums in close enough proximity to each other?)

(Besides, the whole point of parents' raising their kids in the Mission is so that they can freak the fuck out when the fruit of their loins aren't home by the time BART closes; a body can still procure a decent brick of black tar for $5 a mere 10 blocks away if ever there's a real need for a fix; and the Eula's right up 16th, with suspicious staff hiding behind cages, and hardcore pornography playing in every bedbug-ridden room... Vive la difference!)

[ED NOTE: The Eula may no longer be in business, FYI...]

Original photography/artwork by William Way -- but loosey, goosey: feel free to snatch and pass around all you want; wouldn't mind credit if you can, tho'...


Gardening III: Springing Up

Since the early 2000s, our landscaping on these two acres -- with the trees, perennials, and recurring annuals (the ones that have survived, anyway; always trial and error, even in a paradise like Zone 7B --  has grown organically to perfectly supplement the height of wildflower season. No competition -- everything in the scenery works beautifully together, in gestalt. This is the cultivated stuff we've got going on this month (all have proven over the years to be deer-resistant and drought-tolerant, btw):



Some sort of little daisy to the left, dusty miller (yet to bloom) to the right

Some immortal thornless rose, defiant of hungry deer and beloved by the birds

In the background, blooming rosemary; and photobombing the yet-to-open-for-the-day golden poppies (California's state flower -- illegal to pick or cut on public land!) is one holdout from the daffodils planted last winter...

And here's a bonus, courtesy of Joyce, next-door neighbor and docent at the Stonyford Museum (certainly, a local celebrity in her own right): she's given me two starters for new lilac bushes, and boy are these fragrant! In the tub, I have the makings of a white lilac and a, well, lilac lilac... Thanks, Joyce!


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Gardening II: The Upside of Walmart

Just to prove I'm not some bad egg who got lucky with some foreign matter-contaminated ground beef from the EVIL CORPORATION THAT CANNOT GET ITS SHIT STRAIGHT, I'd like to point out that store #02053's (Willows, California) nursery is bangin' for Spring 2017. Here's a look at today's offering -- get those violets while they're hot! (And yes, plenty of herbs...)



Some generously proportioned daisy -- variety name begins with a "C"

Geraniums -- the real thing, just like Drew Barrymore's in E.T. THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL (1982)

Dianthus (Sweet William -- that's me!)

Some sort of golden calla lily -- probably wants more shade than we get in 7B...

See, Doug McMillon (Duke left with a $140,000,000 kiss behind the ear years ago -- my bad), you evil hillbilly, I'm not just out to fuck over Walmart. But clearly, I ain't fixin' to be no Nova Lee Nation, neither... I got you by the balls, fuguratively, my grip being my possession of certain stuff that never should have been sold at your stores yet was. (Pony up, pretty boy! You owe me more than $30 for that shitty hamburger -- can I get an "Amen," readers?)


Wildflowers II

More of what makes our normally unassuming two acres a real show-stopper from the road (if you're on the way West off the I-5 -- exit at Maxwell -- towards Stonyford, why not be one of the rubberneckers who slows down by our humble home? This "main attraction" on the way to East Park or Mendocino Nat'l Forest won't be blooming for long!)


AVISO -- BAD MEAT (Carne Molida de Res)

It's just as well Walmart/Sam's Club and Michael Duke [correction: Doug McMillon -- I can't keep up with these corporate yahoos] haven't dealt with me to my satisfaction over the yuck sitch in March... A friendly reminder, since I'm going grocery shopping this weekend: If you must have ground beef, AVOID WHAT COMES FROM INTERSTATE MEAT DISTRIBUTORS (Walmart's sole provider of such at, for example, their Willows, California store -- #02053.) Should you desire hamburgers or meatballs or meatloaf or whatever, you're better off going to the Formerly Known as Sani-Food or Orland's Grocery Outlet, or grinding your own by cubing chuck, setting the cubed meat in the freezer for a bit, and shoving it through your fancy-pants Mr. Expensive hand-cranked meat grinder at home, Rich Guy who must have ground beef LOL...

(Still het up about getting contaminated product from a long-trusted purveyor, but on the bright side, had I not had to go through all this, I never would have found out that some poor guy from Portland fell into the meat blender at Clackamas in 2013 -- bad karma to eat any of their meat, yo!)

P.S. Michael Duke is a scaredy-cat hillbilly. Pass it on.

P.P.S. I'm not as smart as the Muppets' Janice. Damn me. Fixin' my red face-inducing stuff forthwith...