Saturday, March 24, 2018

Power Lines

Taken with Amazon Kindle Fire, edited in same suite....

Friday, March 23, 2018

Does The Left Hand Know...?

Left Hand, March 2018
2.39 MB .JPG, taken with Kodak PIXPRO FZ43


Thursday, March 22, 2018

Personal Venting Rant About a Personal Issue

Right now, I'm caught in how some people will get all twisted up in their priorities and focus, and take one with them. I have a bit of a problem with myself in that, of course. As it stands, I did some work for someone who turned out not to be able to pay me yet; I know she's good for it, and will come through eventually, but... I'm kicking myself, because that's about 8 hours worth of labor, and by agreeing to do it on promise of pay (and this person has an issue with timeliness), I'm doing a disservice not only to myself, but to everyone who does labor for money in the community here - I become part of the problem with the person who more or less welches on pay.

Also, some people seem so intent on getting one "in the flock," as it were, but do not do the thing they need to do to get it done: namely, respecting certain secular things that maybe I take too seriously, as well as knowing that the - exclusively Christian? - Golden Rule is often always at play throughout the living, human world, this "vale of tears"...

Dunno, maybe I have "I don't respect myself enough," written all over me, and attract too much of the attentions of well meaning, deceptively malicious or deceptively gormless folk... (/RANT OVER.)

And now, for some pretty, random pictures of Northern California...

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Dear Miss Fenty...

...My name is Tigger Niglet, and I live down the road from Christopher "31 Flavors" Baskin-Robin in Storybrook, California, near the Mendocino Mountains (Surely you know of local archvillainess Clara Bell, often joked about stupidly by your fellow New Yorker Kristen Wiig? But I digress...)

I beg for things as cleverly as possible, and always have paper towels in hand with my glass cleaning spray whenever I occasion to jump on a motherfucker's windshield, but I've never been successful enough to afford your shoes -- not even in jest!

But if I could, I'd like to ask you for a pair of size 8 1/2 men's hightops, in red vermillion lacquer (maybe bits of black showing through, Japanese-style?); with Imperial Yellow soles, laces and inners? I would rock them at least twice a week for years!


I think about Mikey a lot. I think about... What if he was horribly disfigured by burn scars, like the Marine mechanics who survived that serious accidental ordnance explosion or whatever on the tarmac at Travis a few months ago? I know I'd still want him, no matter what (yes, physically...) 

707 USMC Mikey, where art thou??? Waaah...


[DECISIVELY]: "Get Jason Bourne -- at once!"

ANALYST [INSTANTLY CRINGING]: "Um, ma'am, then maybe you shouldn't have initiated exclusionary protocols... Are you really sure you want to go crawling on your hands and knees to Mr. Bourne now? After all that?"

(Honestly, Leah, Jo, et alia: what the fuck do those movies *do* with Joan Allen, anyway?)


San Franciscans and guests of San Francisco who will be in the City: several tours seem to be scheduled for visitors to tour Salesforce Tower. This one is sold out (still points to a waiting list), but check around for others, or make your own not-exactly-#disrupty attempts at meandering through it. At 326 meters tall, it's a pretty notable new landmark, and who knows? In any sort of collapse event, it might be one of America's new Towers of David! Exciting, to muse on the post-apocalyptic, n'est pas?

(photo by William R. Way, on an LG flip phone, end of September, 2017)


"I SWEAR BY THE [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- SWEAR [GRUMBLE]" Hey, it ain't Richard III. Try doing Charles II instead - but you better hurry, before he goes out the window!


Today is Sunday, and I may yet prevail upon my soon-to-be-dearly-departed-so-I-had-better-spoil-her mother to lend me the car that I may attend (Methodist? I think so...) services at the local community church -- just to be a sport, ya dig?

(Please join me in gassho, and... Namo Amida Butsu!)

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

新年快樂 - Winter Freebies

Click on the thumbnail (it *should* work. If not, email me at the address at right... I'll endeavor to email back every request... UPDATE: Nah, if you want one, email me for raw docs sent as attachments, which you can then relay to your favorite printer - mopria, shutterfly, Walmart, fractureme, et alia...) to download large files fit to print 20' X 30' or more...

Chinese Pistachio

Silk Tree

Raywood Ash

Flowering Plum

Black Olive

(As always, donations accepted at the gofundme, paypal and venmo links to the right, in the sidebar under my name...)

Last Stretch, I Think, of This Thing That Universally Wants Correction

Hope I, as so many haven't, survive through that happy segue to the following ever after...

Still very anthropocentric, and my concerns are with the uneasy dead, the challenged and challenging living (among them loved ones and contemporaneous public figures), and those permitted to look back upon us. The tone is often one of heartsickness or hilarity, but these can get seem unclean times - and the common arenas (television, the Internet, radio... Or not, in that last... and our often unquiet minds) are still teeming with faces and voices (notably not participating terribly much: those whose driving desire is to join with either what is lost or what will be new and as yet unknown.)

Last night flashed with watershed realization for me, and I look forward to the lunar new year through a scanner, darkly, and from behind brittleness. But we are not dead yet.

Personal LULZ: I cannot get emails to come through to or to, and am still leery of ATT's network (though my only access is landline and G3; but once bitten... Many instances...)

Monday, February 12, 2018

"Slapdash" Proposal Contest...?

Be your thing collapse contingencies, what you plan to do as the world as it will be (is) in Revelation gets weirder and weirder, or just all things space travel and exploration and colonization, I doubt the general public has had much time to ponder what has undoubtedly already been put to the usual suspects by the military-industrial complex: What would yours look like -- hasty, self-sufficient spore/seed colonies for Homo sapiens sapiens?

Using OTS tech and emerging launch platforms (I'd say Reaction Engines, Limited's Skylon could count), who wants to design an orbital or outer space colony that once completed is sustainable without further imports from Earth's surface?

UPDATE: I am planning out this coming year, coordinating my med and psych appointments, trying to grow veggies, maybe get more work, and continuing my education, but on the side, I'll try to gin up my own slapdash, self-sustaining extraterrestrial colony proposal...

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Clackamas, Oregon

So Walmart continues to sell this meat out of their Interstate Meat Distributors, Inc., in Clackamas, Oregon... Once again, I highly recommend people NOT buy this meat!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Quick Spring

I long and yearn, and am too eager to offer this night, under stars and lights...

Monday, January 29, 2018

"I Love 'Gloria Patri'!"

Hey, dead lady: so long since we've been to black mass. We should, like, totally go! Alone! Together! Without each other! Air kisses!

 "It's FAAAAAHN!!!" She sneers...

Friday, January 26, 2018

More From My New 16 Megapixel Kodak...

...Look how huge these shots are! Perfect for printing at your favorite digital photo printer... Have at!

And as always, if you're feeling generou$$,,, and links to the right, in the sidebar under my name (Thanks again to the two people who together have raised $10 for our gofundme campaign! Yay!)

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Something Serious @ Local Law Enforcement

Officer: talk to me, your favorite #badgebunny...

...Was that apparent adult Caucasian woman, dark blonde in the white, four-door sedan (parked without emergency lights on, perilously close to the white line on the East side of Ladoga Stonyford Road 1 mile South of town) a - GULP - corpse??!!

It's not terribly good of anyone to leave it to the voices in *my* head to bestow peace of mind to me - a conscientious citizen who has nothing but Facebook to report the incident, thanks to some self-important so-and-so's delusional priorities, which are given enough sway roundabout these parts...

Sunday, January 21, 2018

"The heart-hurt gleam in a too-bare eye..."

 The following, taken with my new Kodak 16 Megapixel camera (a gift from my brother, who probably should have been consulted before I embarrassed myself with my ignant post today... I'm sure there's something herein one can smirk and clear one's throat at...)


Still on the make like a confused tomcat, or a buck in estrus lol... Maybe what stymies me besides myself can be addressed with that by which I stymie myself, and me and some dude or dude can finally, scandalously get laid.