Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sacred Lotus

Original painting from 2012 or '13 (BY YOURS TRULY); acrylic, gold leaf, and rhinestones on birch board - probably destroyed by Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation during my criminal displacement by Donald Falk, Nicole Grays, et alia after October 2014 - called "junk" or "trash" by Nicole, in point of fact....

....Not to mention, a lesser lotus on white paper (the characters reading, "Respect for those who came before; compassion for those who come after"):


"From the deepest, darkest mud grows the most beautiful lotus."

Out of the Blue...

...Mom decides she wants bricks and compost from Griff's Feed & Seed today, so I tag along for a yummy lunch, and to go window shopping; she probably would have bought me boots, but I have my Interceptors (which I wore today), and my rubbers...


Golden1 Tells Me...

...That since I have "no credit" rather than "bad credit," I must put up $250 to get a credit card with my credit union in order to boost the following:


But at least I have no debts...

A Little Tour of My BOO-DWAHR...updated 0400 PT...

Here is where the magic happens! (Also, what dude wouldn't want to make out with me in this room?)


First, me (with dog)... KISSY FACE!

Shelves lined with books and activities. AND PORN! (Please note the floating lapidary display I'm working on for Joyce at the local museum, on the desk)...

Closet full of clothes, a bit of color accentuating it (Eric, your old football jerseys have been washed for that thing you're doing down in Ventura, hanging on my side with the clean stuff)...

Dubious art collection, cork board, iconography, full bed with luxe 400-thread count sheets...

Detail by door: an old strega trick to combat some Ecuadorian brujeria from you-know-where and you-know-who...



My sexy nightstand, with all I need except lube (ooh-rah!), which is on the desk...

My own, personal Shark vacuum, which I use to detail the car, as well as my new-to-me Chinese wicker picnic basket -- good for outings to a park, say, in Alameda (hint, hint, somebody with a high-and-tight...)

And my sexy pedicure... SO INTIMATE, Y'ALL!

...update out...

Welcome to a typical shopping/cleaning day:

Having some homemade limeade, making a shopping list...

While making (in my $10 Walmart Crock Pot - for realz!) chicken noodle soup left over from half a rotisserie chicken; even the bones went into it, and got soft for dog treats or people treats; I gave the next door neighbor a bowl for his health on his 90th birthday...

...And contented myself with a Hindoo lunch: saffron rice gussied up with shallots (and saffron's expensive, Mr. Turmeric!); fresh spinach; walnuts, jack-colby and mozzarella; and a glass of half-and-half...


Nat'l Security cry for help, courtesy of  CONSCIENTIOUS CITIZEN W. E., who photographed these in - REALLY - Willows/Orland/Ukiah California -- WHO CAN HONESTLY TELL, IN TODAY'S KIM JONG UN AMERICA???

Remember: if you see something, SAY SOMETHING HELLA FUCKED UP -- loose lips sink ships, so make sure yours are sucking dick or eating pussy after hitting the glass dick!


My lip gloss is cool... My lip gloss is poppin'...

Whatchu know 'bout me? Whatchu know 'bout me?


Onegai shimasu...

Friday, September 22, 2017


Desperation... Mikey, won't you marry me soon?


Got a mi-nikui but okay start to the morning...

Had coffee...

Walked the dog...

Blew some clouds...

...And prepped a couple of paintings to hang; cleaned them and such; one's a leaf I did in acrylic on a canvas board, and the other's an oil can by Rick Darnell - also acrylic, but on matte board... My curatorial skills be hella jamming...


Got a lot done in Willows (95988, off the I-5) today:

...Ordered new tires and a rotation at Safety Tire for Eric's old Volt, and got a great deal...

...Ordered breakfast, where I saw one of Willows' only lesbian couples...Flashed our secret sign LOL - kimochi ee yo...

...Had the taco salad and coffee, said "hi" to Mayra and Steph...

...And finished up at Walmart: among other things, got a new toilet seat and lid, which I installed as soon as I got home; MY TOILET IS NOW THE BOMB DIGGITY YO!


As always, would love some help with our housing situation... Much thug luv! PEACE!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

MALAGUEÑA SALEROSA (Ay, Rodriguez, you are GUAPO!)

I have some homemade mole for Antonio and los Hernandezes... Muy sabroso y un  少し picante... May take it to the bakery next week, unless they're at the big house this weekend...

Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma

Look what they've done to my baby boy, ma.... :~(

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Random Today

Headed to Willows, CA (95988) for lunch, shopping (Mom has physical therapy.) Ansaphone is on, my cell has minutes...

PS: please help us fix our living situation:

Sunday, September 17, 2017

ゴロ Seven Billion Hairy Nuts To This

...So it takes a "Guatemalan Roulette" moment of this: I'm still feeling the effects of a lucky, bitter rambutan seed (OH MY GOD I WAS NOT PLAYING WITH FIRE INTENTIONALLY WHOA! AS I'M WRITING THIS HUNTER S. THOMPSON AND NANCY BUKOWSKI AS MY METHYLAMPHETAMINE WITNESSES HONEST!!!)  to tell you all ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!

The real dish, in case I expire:

Mathangi is in fact a major TOTAL lesbo, and I'm still stinging in my conscience that I secretly called her a big, fat dyke. YOLANDI TOTALLY DID NOT PUT ME UP TO IT! Anyway, sorry about that M.I.A...

JESUS CHRIST ON PERPETUAL SHIT-SNEER ALERT did not -- oh no he did not -- try to kill his OWN DAMN woman in MY motherfucking yard. Not with herr-ON. aw HElL nOO0! UH-uH. aND By the way, I ain't youR tool, jefe. You just know who the real men and women around here are, and you ain't fooling my tweaker ass no way no how. WHAT THE FUCK? HELL NO I AIN'T VOTING TO MURDER YOUR ADMITTEDLY HATEFUL BITCH. Fuck your ass FOREVER YOU ECUADORIAN SOURPUSS WARLOCK. FUCK THAT!

...And in that same breath, I ain't fixin' to be nobody big myself but I am fit to be tied. I'm trying to marry a motherfucking Marine ain't nobody think is is own man. I got problems AND I LOOK TOO FORTY YEARS OLD AS SUCH ANYWAY. Mabuhay is not an imperative in -- durrr, Crapplegate! -- "Tag-a-long." Motherfucker, I utter ULTIMATUMS WHEN i SAY MABUHAY! It's an "or else" word, cantante, senyor you CONTRACTION/APOSTRAPHE all!?

[/puttingmyfootdown] No ubb tags, no.

Anyways.... To the future miss Congenianlity of Bakersfield "Oh, no, hon, one candle on your cupcake for the sixteenth birthday, and you're lucky if old neighbor Will Way shows up in a white pinafore and a wig -- WITH A BURNING HAND OF GLORY CANDLE -- to tell you and you alone, all in your little nong, wannabe chola CABEZA, SEE, the following (in an unnatural hiss): "I CURSE YOUR WEDDING DAY!!!"

...From hell's heart, I spit at thee.... YADDA-YADDA-YADDA.

Screed out, hella love from the 530 to all...

PS: I know I shouldn't say this, but I just love my brownies....


Saturday, September 16, 2017

He Wants To Lead/The Glamorous Life/Without The Trappings/It Ain't Much

My new drag name? Vianda Guey -- hol' onna minnut, hunnie: we don't cotton to no Ecuadorian brujeria that scares Chileans or Uruguayan/Paradorkian prancing princery around her, you dig, vato? From the back of my hand to your wrong way down the mountain -- entiende usted?

God, what if I had real enemies? Hilarity, ensue! I command thee!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Céline Dion - Loved Me Back to Life

The voices inside were so real... (for Mikey 'T')

Random Thursdayness

Twitter hashtags in Chinese for space enthusiasts:

(Interplanetary colonization)


(Space flight)



(Heavenly palace)



Black plums to blackberries; Meyer lemons to Bing cherries... From 19th Street to Roosevelt and back: has any other had my childhood haunts? Dogshit and ghost poop, then crabgrass, juniper, and kingsfoil through the fern-framed North gate... In the front, on the sidewalk, bottlebrush to stick to your shoes blossoms - little and red... (Apologies to Alanis for being another to call her on list-like writing...)


Please help with housing:

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Using Instant Oatmeal...


I love you, I love you, I love you (for Mike T. from the 707)


Please help me with housing!


Previously, I said these shirts were too old and stained to donate, and that I had to find out some way to do right by the women and men of Peru and Bangladesh who put their lives into making them (better than putting them in the rag bin for my hoodoo knotted rug, anyway)...

And here we go: the Express Limited shirt on the left has been thoroughly de-stained without bleach, and the Wrangler button-down from Walmart -- to-die-for shirts they came out with in 2015, by the way! -- is dyed a nice shade of black, mostly to hide that unsightly ink and/or blood stain on the ribcage area (the latter will look great with black slacks and a brown tie for autumn or winter)...

So they've got at least another year of wear in them!


Please help me with housing!