Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Possession With Intent....

Frame job of yours truly increasingly unlikely.... Weirdos. (Check it, Smeck!) But I must say, Virginia had a sour attitude last week. Maybe the Way family could give it up for an intervention on television, with KCRA (certainly Tim Crews would smell a rat a mile away.) As long as anyone who speaks out can be discredited, right? Unfortunately, Bentonville sent poor "Marc," who rather looks like a condom full of gristle and green bacon drippings, to hack his way through an ill-advised takedown (haven't seen him lately, but his name is still on receipts -- at least ours from today.)

Meanwhile, as of today, around 12PM, Interstate meat from Clackamas (the 73% lean) is still there:

pic from 05/24/2017, mid-day

BE ADVISED: I trusted this meat for months, and could not believe that there was some sort of filler in the March batch. Walmart continues to treat me "suspect" as a customer, and Bentonville has apparently been dissuaded initially from outright paying me off, as well as addressing the very real problems with the Clackamas, OR operation. I RECOMMEND AGAINST BUYING THIS IF YOU SEE IT IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA STORES.

My family spends hundreds of dollars at the #02053 store (Willows, CA, off the I-5) every week, and I will continue shopping there until I am banned.... (In good Walmart news: got everything we needed today for brother's visit this weekend.)