Saturday, July 8, 2017

Just Raw From Facebook

In 2014 (summer?) I sold a diamond to Medford's [ed. note: THAT RAW: Maxferd's, I meant] in SF and only now has it hit me: the pendant (mid-century to 70s on the setting, which is 18K, as is the chain...) -- it just hit me: that is a very VERY sentimental piece. And its provenance is unknowable to anyone but whoever is THE MAN (OR WOMAN) at Medford's... And this a star-crossed world, deserving of ill-starred treatment.... There is a heart out there that still beats... A Hollywood ending for this evil piece of jewelry? Sad fucking probabilities, the more I post mid-digestion...

The man who had it commissioned -- I would love to make his acquaintance myself, were I not mere trash to the woman he wooed with it... I hope he's still alive, because -- well, fuck that bitch he went to that length to have it made for, her ass is not my bother -- off the cuff, I hope he's still alive, because I want him to know that the world wide web has William Way screaming at the top of his lungs: "BROS BEFORE HOS, MY BEAUTIFUL FRIEND -- I LOVE YOU!"