Friday, July 14, 2017

Millennium Tower

I have a campaign to sincerely, earnestly, non-sarcastically (with a minimum of malice) and a maximum of misunderstandable Swiftian sneering to propose: I know I've touched rather unhelpfully on the leaning tower of "Sheesh, San Francisco, You Wouldn't, Would You?" That is to say, be so telling in the face of human problems like the way that seems...

Yes, my vote was not to demolish it, and leave it as a, well, there you go -- egg on all our faces as well as posterity's task. Today, I have one dollar to mail to a fund towards any collective effort among the owners of the discrete units in their efforts to right the building and maintain its habitability according to local building codes (almost anywhere in America, or even -- were Caracas subject to the laws governing legal habitability in 2017, where anyone can legally live in, say, El Torre de David, but I digress shabbily...)

I'm not sure, but the next step would be to evilly quip that I shall now send my dollar to this or that "Ha ha!" place as if a person or a person's home could be such a kind of "joke." Instead, I have this dollar for the people who have bought homes in the Millennium Tower, and that dollar will be sent forthwith to those who have overcome the other obstacles to helping those people out.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I'm sending $1 to 301 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105 towards any fundraising efforts to make these peoples' homes habitable. Yes, I'm shitty that way, but I'll never be on the proper side of THAT bit of it.

UPDATE:  Sent $2 to Owners/Residential at that address... Couldn't hurt, might help...