Friday, April 21, 2017

Three Unsung Resources in San Francisco

Random and off-beat, for a ceaselessly random and off-beat town...

- Openhouse ( For teh 0ld Gheyz -- dragons and labrys-wielding witches and such...

- WorkshopSF ( NOPA/Western Addition, I just happened to spot this from the bus on my way out to the Richmond; here you can learn all kinds of cool DIY stuff like pickling or sewing or whatever -- check it out and sign up for classes at their website.

- 36th and Fulton Senior Center ( Ballroom dancing, Internet access, restrooms, and more! Right off Fulton in the Park, to the West of that lake. Parking available. Be sure you're a senior citizen or accompanied by one!

Nanoo, nanoo, through the Robin Williams tunnel you go!

Get on the bus, get on the bus! ...The 5 Fulton going outbound, that is! Make sure you wear something warm most days! And have a plan -- and also, a real buddy to go along!