Sunday, April 23, 2017

Gardening III: Springing Up

Since the early 2000s, our landscaping on these two acres -- with the trees, perennials, and recurring annuals (the ones that have survived, anyway; always trial and error, even in a paradise like Zone 7B --  has grown organically to perfectly supplement the height of wildflower season. No competition -- everything in the scenery works beautifully together, in gestalt. This is the cultivated stuff we've got going on this month (all have proven over the years to be deer-resistant and drought-tolerant, btw):



Some sort of little daisy to the left, dusty miller (yet to bloom) to the right

Some immortal thornless rose, defiant of hungry deer and beloved by the birds

In the background, blooming rosemary; and photobombing the yet-to-open-for-the-day golden poppies (California's state flower -- illegal to pick or cut on public land!) is one holdout from the daffodils planted last winter...

And here's a bonus, courtesy of Joyce, next-door neighbor and docent at the Stonyford Museum (certainly, a local celebrity in her own right): she's given me two starters for new lilac bushes, and boy are these fragrant! In the tub, I have the makings of a white lilac and a, well, lilac lilac... Thanks, Joyce!