Saturday, April 22, 2017

AVISO -- BAD MEAT (Carne Molida de Res)

It's just as well Walmart/Sam's Club and Michael Duke [correction: Doug McMillon -- I can't keep up with these corporate yahoos] haven't dealt with me to my satisfaction over the yuck sitch in March... A friendly reminder, since I'm going grocery shopping this weekend: If you must have ground beef, AVOID WHAT COMES FROM INTERSTATE MEAT DISTRIBUTORS (Walmart's sole provider of such at, for example, their Willows, California store -- #02053.) Should you desire hamburgers or meatballs or meatloaf or whatever, you're better off going to the Formerly Known as Sani-Food or Orland's Grocery Outlet, or grinding your own by cubing chuck, setting the cubed meat in the freezer for a bit, and shoving it through your fancy-pants Mr. Expensive hand-cranked meat grinder at home, Rich Guy who must have ground beef LOL...

(Still het up about getting contaminated product from a long-trusted purveyor, but on the bright side, had I not had to go through all this, I never would have found out that some poor guy from Portland fell into the meat blender at Clackamas in 2013 -- bad karma to eat any of their meat, yo!)

P.S. Michael Duke is a scaredy-cat hillbilly. Pass it on.

P.P.S. I'm not as smart as the Muppets' Janice. Damn me. Fixin' my red face-inducing stuff forthwith...