Sunday, April 23, 2017

Save The Moronic, Legitimate, Market-Rate Residents of 26th and S. Van Ness!

I like how this petition's authors hope to gin up opposition to the opening of a homeless shelter by mentioning that it's to be in a "residential neighborhood" (virtually every neighborhood is -- except maybe most of the financial district) with "3 schools nearby," as though homelessness and children are mutually exclusive phenomena (and don't we love the dark implications inherent in the mention of homeless people and hoodlums in close enough proximity to each other?)

(Besides, the whole point of parents' raising their kids in the Mission is so that they can freak the fuck out when the fruit of their loins aren't home by the time BART closes; a body can still procure a decent brick of black tar for $5 a mere 10 blocks away if ever there's a real need for a fix; and the Eula's right up 16th, with suspicious staff hiding behind cages, and hardcore pornography playing in every bedbug-ridden room... Vive la difference!)

[ED NOTE: The Eula may no longer be in business, FYI...]

Original photography/artwork by William Way -- but loosey, goosey: feel free to snatch and pass around all you want; wouldn't mind credit if you can, tho'...