Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Last Stretch, I Think, of This Thing That Universally Wants Correction

Hope I, as so many haven't, survive through that happy segue to the following ever after...

Still very anthropocentric, and my concerns are with the uneasy dead, the challenged and challenging living (among them loved ones and contemporaneous public figures), and those permitted to look back upon us. The tone is often one of heartsickness or hilarity, but these can get seem unclean times - and the common arenas (television, the Internet, radio... Or not, in that last... and our often unquiet minds) are still teeming with faces and voices (notably not participating terribly much: those whose driving desire is to join with either what is lost or what will be new and as yet unknown.)

Last night flashed with watershed realization for me, and I look forward to the lunar new year through a scanner, darkly, and from behind brittleness. But we are not dead yet.

Personal LULZ: I cannot get emails to come through to or to, and am still leery of ATT's network (though my only access is landline and G3; but once bitten... Many instances...)