Monday, February 12, 2018

"Slapdash" Proposal Contest...?

Be your thing collapse contingencies, what you plan to do as the world as it will be (is) in Revelation gets weirder and weirder, or just all things space travel and exploration and colonization, I doubt the general public has had much time to ponder what has undoubtedly already been put to the usual suspects by the military-industrial complex: What would yours look like -- hasty, self-sufficient spore/seed colonies for Homo sapiens sapiens?

Using OTS tech and emerging launch platforms (I'd say Reaction Engines, Limited's Skylon could count), who wants to design an orbital or outer space colony that once completed is sustainable without further imports from Earth's surface?

UPDATE: I am planning out this coming year, coordinating my med and psych appointments, trying to grow veggies, maybe get more work, and continuing my education, but on the side, I'll try to gin up my own slapdash, self-sustaining extraterrestrial colony proposal...