Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hear It, Vice President Gore? Whale Song! Either Canada Needs a Chuckle, Or William Way Some Attention!

"May I confess? As I was drinking that initial ill-advised cup of coffee, I felt so proud of not coughing that I accidentally swallowed some the wrong way, and almost expressed a lung! Sorry -- what do you want? I learned irony at the feet of Alanis Morissette in the mid-90s.

"(That said, Ms. Morissette, I just heard Ms. McLachlan speaking on your behalf; she's very cold there in Nova Scotia, but doesn't she nevertheless own a kind house in which to live? Give her a call...)

"Thank u India
Thank u terror
Thank u Dr. Eichelberger
4 to-do lists, yeah!

"There. Feeling better... Oh, thanks, Ms. Mitchell, I love ginger snaps! Don't mind if I do. (California's the bees' knees, I must say, though I know I shouldn't... You know, as a native...

"Where was I? Oh yes, thanks eldritch voices: Hypothetical: you're about to lose your life -- what do you watch? An entire first-season episode of 'DeGrassi Junior High'; the gay bareback porn clips accidentally pre-empting Trent Reznor's and Matt Pinfield's pilot of 'Eh, Canada?' on MuchMusic; or Atom Egoyan's laundry drying on the line in this fine January weather? What. Do. You. WATCH???

"...Dunno, really. This is what we've got. All I had was the idea for naming Canada's first nuclear submarine the Alexandre Despatie... Honest!"

A couple of Canadian players who began as children doing skits in a hallway...

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