Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Good, The Bad, And The Not-So-Bigly

My Mom, at her high school in Lincoln in the 60s, was an avid artist, and did cartoons for the Clarion -- it was her thing, her nickname: Quick Draw. After graduation she moved to San Francisco and was even briefly a student at the Art Institute on Chestnut St., a starting point for many modern luminaries, before she moved on to studying for her B.S. from Berkeley. She nevertheless continues to be an artist in spirit...

My Dad? Well, a competent enough draughtsman who could adequately sketch any renovation or carpentry project he'd set his mind to (until he started getting rather wacky in his later years...) His best work was probably the plan for the house that he and his friends, and me and Eric together constructed for my Grandmother in Century Ranch. Turned out quite brilliantly, at least until the pipes in the attic froze one winter, flooding the new construction.

I myself have been as susceptible to the charms of the visual arts as any other human; I have a solid aesthetic sense, a good eye. I doodled in my youth like many, and dabbled in studying how to draw. In my early 30s, I began to put my experience in melting my brain with drugs and alcohol to good use, coming up with the artwork that would decorate my last apartment in San Francisco, and that also found its way into friends' homes, and even into the collection of Tenderloin Art Lending Library (TALL), managed and curated by my good friend Mr. Rick Darnell...

Here are a few pieces I have pictures of from that era of 2010 to 2014 (heartfelt and important bleg after the cut...):

Still raising money as best as I can for the renovation project (donations may be sent to WILLIAM R WAY PO BOX 206 STONYFORD CA 95979); three more pics of why we need to do it: