Monday, January 2, 2017

Same Logistics as 1/1/2017

Recalling the "187" calls of the '80s, the best of which went the right way (girls screaming in fear and delight as they found themselves broken in by heroes, inexplicably...), we can help set things to rights...

Again, front (West) door unlocked. First door to the left down the hallway. Careful with noise -- opening the front door is screechy. My bedroom light will be on, though. The rest is up to visitors. If law enforcement, please rest assured this is no "gotcha." I'm straight dope, WYSIWYG all the way.

(Unlike last time, I will have glass to help. No liquor, weed, or viagra, though...) God bless, and good luck...)


UPDATE:  Door unlocked, hole prepped. All you need is backbone and full nuts.

UPDATE II: To sweeten the pot, here's the rear:

UPDATE III 3:06AM: Still hankerin' after a visit from someone. Think I'll lay down, but the door's still unlocked.