Monday, November 23, 2015

To The Moon, Alice

My friend Aric once told me, "Will, most people are stupid scum who are not worth your time."  I didn't argue with that, but I never took it to heart.  I believe most people are inherently good, or at least they try to be good, and I believe humanity is worth preserving.  I'm all for the continued survival of the species.

The best strategy to ensure the continued survival of the species is the colonization of space.  While NASA and other countries' space agencies are doing fine, solid groundwork, these are a list of my favorite private and non-profit ventures that are pointing humanity in the right direction -- the direction of the stars:

Reaction Engines, Ltd. (The Skylon space plane)
Bigelow Aerospace (Inflatable modular space stations)
Blue Origin
Orbital Sciences Corporation
Planetary Resources (asteroid mining and in situ resource utilization)
Mars One (Mars colonization -- not-for-profit)