Thursday, November 26, 2015

Diary of the Antichrist

Well the good stuff is good.  My social life is pretty healthy, even if people act a little distant (probably for their own protection.)  I seem to get along with most everybody okay, and the animals all seem to like me.  But there are snags.

Earlier my social worker at the hospital called me an abomination.  Like she has room to talk -- she's a lesbian witch!  I told her I liked her shoes.  She said her girlfriend bought them for her.  I said, "When, in 1998?"  Score one for the star of Revelation.

I guess I feel lonely.  No one wants to date me, as though they all think I'm an asexual angel or something.  I want to be close to someone, but my destiny is not to be shared, I guess.  I'd even appreciate a visit from the CIA, but apparently they're too scared of me.  Opus Dei isn't returning my calls, and the Vatican appears speechless in the face of my portentous existence.

At least the schizophrenics and the tweakers are on my side.  Still, the Bible has definitely cramped my style...