Tuesday, February 28, 2017

21 Days 'Til Spring

Dateline: Stonyford, California...

Rosemary blossoms (sans honey bees -- warm enough, but missed them for some reason...)

Budding Bradford Pear

Unidentified local wildflower

Rainy season has almost ended (but boy, what a rainy season! Lots of standing water that's not draining away, and what about all those floods down by Maxwell? Anyway...), and it's really getting close to renovation time. Not only will we want to get under the house to get a thorough assessment of the joists and subflooring and such, we may want to double check how level we are -- do we  need to shore up the East and South sides of the house? (We could be looking at a higher fundraising goal than we thought...)

(As always, Gofundme, or send donations to: WILLIAM R WAY PO BOX 206 STONYFORD CA 95979 -- inquire at william.robert.way@gmail.com about our renovation fundraiser, or any old thing that comes to mind...)