Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Follow Your Cravings

One of my many fortunate attributes is that my cravings seldom lead me wrong -- never, in fact.  When I crave dairy, particularly cheese, it's because that's just what my body needed, and I give it to my body.  I'll often crave seafood, or dark green leafy things like kale or spinach, or pine nuts or walnuts, depending.  I'm very aware of precisely what is perfect nutrition for my body at exactly the moment I need.  (It is always to be hoped that I half enough brass in pocket to pull it off.)  I can point to the fact that at 36, despite an aversion to skulking around gyms and -- my God! -- exerting myself, my cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, heart and brain, etc., are all in far better shape than those of most of my peers.  I still look good enough to fuck with the lights on, and am more productive and disciplined and well-adjusted than I've ever been.

So when I say I need a chocolate, chocolate chip cookie from Hot Cookie, the most accurate diction is "need," not "want."  Don't fucking argue with me about carbs or sugar.  I fucking well know what I'm doing, and I don't need any backtalk about a body that isn't yours.

But thank you sweetly as ever for your most unselfish concern.  Much obliged.