Monday, December 9, 2013

Buddy Cole Rides Again...

"Oh, Jeffery Dahmer.  What a stud!  What a Lothario!  What a Casanova!  You know, he really was the talk of the scene.  Until that little scandal, anyway.  It was just in such poor taste on his part, getting caught.  'Honestly, Jeffery,' we'd say, 'another one?  I guess the old adage is true:  30 minutes later and you're hungry again.'  Turns out, he literally was.  Put them away like a bear at a cronut factory.  I swear.  Oh, well.  There but for the grace of God..."

"Hey, Michael Alig.  Do you have any idea who's holding...  Your dealer's body parts?  Ha ha, made you flinch.  No, really, it's fine.  You just did what most of us were thinking anyway..."