Monday, August 26, 2013

Just In Case

A. Thank you for the very kind compliment that I'm the best person you've ever encountered in these endeavors. I just hope you take my word for it and know that I know so many people who are better than I am. I, among my social circle, am one of the worst I know.  I know in the line of work those of you who chat with me pursue that you usually associate only with pieces of shit, but please take my word for it:  you should try expanding your social circle wherever possible.

B. Isn't that crazy? In public discourse I've always considered my opposition to be the cavalier, the antebellum, the lost causers. I had no idea how antagonistic Yankees would prove. Also, why are Midwesterners never factored in?

C.  Thanks for all your good intentions and kind wishes and prayers.  I feel on the balance love has won out even if in the end I am in fact busted up for higher purposes.  I'm so glad I've been the cause of so little suffering, considering, and though I probably end in agony, I hope humanity continues to be worthy of survival as it persists.