Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I'm firmly convinced that violent crime goes under -reported in San Francisco. I think there's a shadow agreement among journalists and our rulers that accurate news might dissuade tourists, and not even the Examiner, with it's lurid and scintillating crime blotter, tells the whole story. It's silly, really, because most violent crimes are committed by people who aren't usually criminals -- your average murder victim is done in by someone in their social circle in the heat of passion, I'm pretty sure. Most career criminals and ne'er-do-wells of San Francisco are in business, and violence serves business very rarely. The complaints Tenderloin residents make are about violence being brought in from the Bayview and Oakland (with a nod to neighborly gossip overheard about so-and-so sticking her man or that tweaker who got run up on.) I mean, look at Miami: do they hurt for money? And everyone knows that city is rife with murderous monkeyshines.

Then again, I could be proven wrong by statistics compiled by the federal government, if I cared to do the research. But I prefer to be lazy and assert that said statistics would be gathered from the locals, anyway...