Monday, February 22, 2016

Hi, Pot -- It's Me, Kettle

So some of us take it upon ourselves to think we know what's best for humanity, and act accordingly.  Some of us (yours truly, for one) naturally and from the get-go instinctively do know what's best for humanity, and find out in retrospect our actions were useful, and on the balance productive and helpful.

Yes, I've borne witness to events in San Francisco over the last few years that resulted from social engineering and mental control programs, the fulcrum of which rested on the intersection of the indigent, the mentally ill, addicts, and local law enforcement.  A fascinating if mostly sinister spectacle that so far seems to backfired in the engineers' faces -- gruesome and bitterly hilarious hijinks ensued and continue to unfold as of the writing of this post.

The would-be powers that be -- Illuminati, Annunaki, Bohemian Grove types, libertarian utopianists, nihilists with bones to pick, overreaching CIA world-shapers and king-makers, et alia -- might do well to consider my proposal.  Based on what we've all perpetrated and had to endure on the West Coast (echoes of which reverberate throughout the United States, the Philippines, and to a lesser extent, isolated manifestations in Canada, Mexico, and the rest of Latin America -- oh, for aid from the land of the Rising Sun!), might I suggest a refined reiteration of that large scale program (or constellation of programs) focusing on the communities of hedge fund managers and handbag designers in the greater Manhattan area?  It would be counterintuitively far less profligate, and at worst would cause little to no harm and provide reams of entertaining if still embarrassing data.

What say you, oh lords of reality?

(P.S.  Effusive apologies for terrifying Mr. Haros.  Of course, based on my initial assessment, I had no idea he was intelligent enough to be fearful of anything he should be fearful of.  How was I to know?  I guess I was just that unmistakable.  I can only promise to try to be more deceitful in the inexorable, unavoidable future we are all of us threatened by...Kisses!)