Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Not Hollow For Long...

...Not that it takes more than one of "those" to do the job.  But I guess the attempt at feigning an organic ego exactly my antithesis necessitates apparent inscrutability even when there's a risk of just apparent ineptitude.  I'm torn:  Sit in the box until death?  Are you kidding?  Heather would never get herself killed on that carpet -- it's dirty.  Alternatively, it's cold and no safer outside.  And I'd have to put up with the stage stuff perimortem...  Yawn.

I can at least say that last night was the most wonderful in that everyone else seemed to be genuinely having fun doing what they wanted -- none of that exsanguinated, creaky, creepy vibe.  I may have been unable to enjoy myself fully because of what I had to process.  But I'm glad of everyone else seeming to be in a good mood.